Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It's about time!

It's about time I started blogging again! Over the years in my attempts to keep a journal I realized that I really don't like sitting down with a pen and paper to write my happenings from the day.  But, I did remember how much fun I had writing on my blog where I can add pictures and fun things to make it more exciting!  Now I just have to remember how to add those pictures and cute things....it's been so long that I have totally forgotten.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Relief Society

Life sure can get super busy sometimes!  Relief Society has become my most exciting new adventure.  I must say that when I got the call I laughed because I thought it was a joke!  I've been in the presidency for a few months now and I love it more and more each day.  I can't believe how much my heart has grown to love all the sisters in my ward.  I love the organization and how it can strengthen someones testimony and show each of us how much our Heavenly Father truly cares for each of his daughters. 

I do have to say that when I started I was more overwhelmed that I ever have been.  I am still learning how to accomplish everything I need to do, but my testimony has grown so much that I know I can do all that is asked of me!  WHAT AN AMAZING AND INSPIRED ORGANIZATION!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Most talented singing family...

The Osmond's have nothing on us!

Fun visit with a friend

I loved spending a few days with my
amazing friend Alyssa
and her family!!  Can't wait to do
it again, soon!!!

And can I just say, who isn't grateful for their ears??

Is it ever beginning or ending???

We started out the day with Tanners game.

Ashlyn prepping for her game!

Cambria, the great cheerleader!

Sam, isn't he just so dang cute!!!

Hailey, cheering on her cousins!

What's a soccer game without a
game of "big booty?"

Ellie is adorable as ever!

Ashlyn waiting for that darn ball!

What a great family day!

Happy Mothers Day

For Mothers Day I had a friend of mine, Jen Gierke, 
make this amazing cake!!!  How cute is this!!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

So I had a bad day!!!

Have you ever gone in for a surgery,

NOT been put to sleep,

and ended up sobbing on the table through the entire thing?!?

Well I have!!!
And the nicest thing I can say about it was that it sucked,
and the doctor is getting the "wrath of Shelley!"
Few have seen it, but it is NEVER forgotten!

So, how was your day...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Beginnings

I have noticed spring has been trying so hard to blossom in the last few weeks and winter being the sneaky beast that it is, keeps rearing it's ugly head.  I have used that analogy with my life.  There are beautiful things all around trying to come in, but Satan and his nasty followers, sneaky as they may be, seem to swoop in and make a mess of things just at the exact moment I seem to "get it all together."  Good things are happening, but there is always a dark side that comes to overshadow the beauty.  But, thanks to the Lord and some truly amazing friends, the sun (and the Son) are finding a way to shine on...

I know we all have times in our lives when it feel like those closest to us turn their backs on us.  Whether we feel it's God, friends, family, our cats, or some days all of the above.  But, I do know now like the saying, when God closes a door he opens a window.  When we feel we have lost important people in our lives he will fill the void with equally amazing people.  I feel so blessed for my amazing people!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Good things to come...

I don't know if anyone else needs to hear this as much as I do right now in my life but it is so uplifting! And if you can't spare the 4 min and 56 sec skip to the 3 min and 55 sec mark where the full meaning of the message comes to light.

It comes from a talk given by Jeffrey R. Holland in the 1999 October Conference called "An High Priest of Good Things to Come" A great message full of hope! And I have to put the best part in again:

"Don’t you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead.

It will be all right in the end. Trust God and believe in good things to come...Some blessings

come soon, some come late, and some don’t come until heaven; but for those who embrace

the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come. Of that I personally attest."

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another AMAZING Book!

I don't think I could say enough good things about this book! Everyone should own one! It is such a light, funny, uplifting and easy read! I think I should get half the profits from Emily Freeman because of all the publicity I have given her and all of the books I have bought for people. This is a must read!!!

Each chapter gives a suggestion on how to see good days. I'm going to tell you what they are, but it won't spoil the book!

1. To see a good day...change your perspective.

2. To see a good day...rise above and continue your journey, knowing the Lord is with you.

3. To see a good day...live happy.

4. To see a good day...look for God within the details.

5. To see a good day...learn to recognize the answers you need.

6. To see a good day...ask for an understanding heart.

7. To see a good day...list what you love.

8. To see a good day...remember that after the tears there will be joy.

9. To see a good day...remember the special days.

10. To see a good day...recognize the great things as tender mercies from the Lord

11. To see a good day...let the oil of gladness permeate your heart.

These 11 topics are what the book is about, and did I mention it is AMAZING!!!!